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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Beeston

St Anthony's is an incredibly special place to belong, and the impact of St Anthony's ripples all across our Diocese and beyond. Over the last three years our results have been on a high trend of performance across our inspiring curriculum, as we continue to strive for a culture of excellence and impact. We are now looking forward to a new school year filled with more success where we endeavour to bring our curriculum alive through quality first hand experiences within an inspiring faith-focused curriculum.

Our school is fortunate to be led by a National Leader of Education, and our teaching staff comprises five specialist leaders of education, highlighting the quality of staffing at the school for the benefit of all our pupils. We are blessed with innovative and captivating teachers who make learning fun.

We are an “oasis in the community” of Beeston and St Anthony’s parish, and we are proud of our continued success. In our last Ofsted, it was commented that " the most important thing about St Anthony's is that it provides its pupils with an outstanding education in a climate where all pupils, whatever their traditions, feel they belong". They continued ... "As a result, pupils' behaviour is exemplary and their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development is outstanding. The inclusive ethos is exemplified in the way, for example, all pupils participate in the Christian assemblies and in the exceptionally positive response to the school by parents and carers, who engage fully with the school's efforts for their children."

We have amazing pupils, staff, parents and governors at St Anthony’s, and we all share a belief that God will guide us to achieve everything we are capable of, and more! Everyone achieves their hopes and dreams at St Anthony’s !

About our school experience


School Experience candidates and volunteers are especially welcome at St Anthony's. We love having new faces in our classroom and all visitors will receive a warm welcome from children and staff alike.

As the idea of this programme is to encourage candidates to join a teacher training course, we will ensure that all candidates have the chance to observe lessons and teaching methods as well as the opportunity to interact and support children in large group and small group settings. As a current DBS is not required, volunteers without this clearance, will work with a school colleague and remain supervised at all times. This also ensures that volunteers will always have the support and advice of a teaching colleague to hand.

We will actively encourage candidates to take part in every aspect of the school life that is taking place during their visit, whether it is helping out in the classroom, going on a school trip or playing an active role in P.E. or other non academic subjects. In addition, as we run out own School Direct Teacher Training course, there will be ample opportunity to discuss taking applications and training forward, so that candidates have the chance to go on to train and teach with the St Anthony's Teaching School Alliance

Start and finish times
8:30 am to 4.00 pm
Dress code

Business dress, Cover up tattoos, Remove piercings

Teacher training

The St Anthony’s Catholic School Alliance is an inspirational partnership. It provides an outstanding Catholic education for the children from the four compass points of the city of Leeds and its neighbouring villages. This partnership of schools is geographically unique in that it offers a wide range of experiences ranging from inner city to village locations, with a variety of catchments, including schools with high percentage English as an additional language, and high pupil premium cohorts, to contrasting catchments with high percentage gifted and talented pupils in village locations. This in itself provides a diverse, high-quality opportunity to train in a broad, rich tapestry of high achieving schools, three of which are currently graded outstanding, with several others displaying outstanding features.

All schools within the alliance are also an active part of the Catholic Compass Partnership of schools who are led by St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School. This strong and successful alliance is already well established, having worked effectively in partnership with Leeds Trinity University for many years providing outstanding training opportunities for teaching at primary and secondary level. The lead school has also previously been a partnership school for school direct with another outstanding school in the city.

We provide high-quality training, mentoring and coaching in a supportive and caring environment. The teachers in our alliance are outstanding practitioners with exemplary behaviour management skills who are eager to share their skills, knowledge and practice with the next generation of teachers. Our Teaching School is aspirational and aims to support and train outstanding teachers of the future, with a real focus on the quality of teaching and learning.

Working closely with the National College for Teaching and Leadership we are up to date, lead and share research that shapes and develops the future of education. Our investment in training teachers extends beyond Initial Teacher Training as many of our trainees continue to complete our NQT and RQT programmes, extending through to leadership training opportunities. Not only that, we are committed to the continued professional development of teachers into system leadership and beyond.

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Entry requirements

You must:

    • Photo identification: passport or driving licence
DBS check required

No, candidates will be accompanied at all times.

Placement dates

There are no upcoming dates


Barkly Road, Beeston, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 7JS
Map showing St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Beeston

Not available on site

Parking is available around the school in side-streets located very near school. there are no parking restrictions in the area.

Disability and access details

We offer facilities and provide an inclusive environment for students, staff and school experience candidates with disability and access needs. We're happy to discuss your disability or access needs before or as part of your school experience request.

Barkly Road, Beeston, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 7JS
School phases
Early years, Primary (4 to 11)
DBS check required

No, candidates will be accompanied at all times.