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School profile

Beckley Church of England Primary School

Beckley C of E Primary School is a small, rural village school in a beautiful countryside setting. Beckley has been part of the River Learning Trust since 2018 and we work closely with other local RLT schools, as well as schools in the wider Wheatley Partnership. Our most recent Ofsted inspection graded us as 'good' in all areas and we are on a continued journey to improve our offer. We value striving for excellence in all things, and we achieve this through our school vision - Soar on Wings Like Eagles - and our values of Kindness, Courage and Responsibility.
We have five classes - Reception, Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, Year 5, and Year 6. Our staff vary in experience from Early Career Teachers to Senior Leaders and we place great emphasis on developing staff in their chosen professional path. Our staff say that their well-being always feels like a priority in the school, and they feel supported, valued and happy at work. Visitors often comment on the warm, welcoming feeling of the school and the polite nature of our pupils.

About our school experience


We offer candidates a range of experiences, which will include (but aren't limited to):
- Observations in all year groups from Reception to Year 6
- An opportunity to talk to SCITT Mentors and Induction Tutors
- An opportunity to discuss recent training with Early Career Teachers
- A chance to reflect on observations and experiences with Senior Leaders
- Question and answer session
- Lunch with a range of colleagues in varying roles in school
- An in-depth look into our bespoke curriculum and the pedagogy of specific subjects

Start and finish times
9:15am to 3:00pm - Flexible

If individuals need to start and finish at slightly different times, this can be arranged.

Dress code

Smart casual

Teacher training

We are an OTT SCITT partner school and take SCITT Associate Teachers

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Entry requirements

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DBS check required

No, candidates will be accompanied at all times.

Placement dates

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Church Street, Beckley, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 9UT
Map showing Beckley Church of England Primary School

Not available on site

Candidates will need to park in the village of Beckley and walk - there is a pub, the Abingdon Arms, with a car park that could be used. It is a five-minute walk to the school from here. Disabled badge holder parking can be arranged as required.

Church Street, Beckley, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3 9UT
School phases
Early years, Primary (4 to 11)
DBS check required

No, candidates will be accompanied at all times.